Are you feeling scattered and distracted? How to find your grounding in a busy world
Are you feeling scattered and distracted? How to find your grounding in a busy world

In my last post, I wrote about disconnection and how even when we are with our family can feel isolated and disconnected in a world absorbed in smartphones and computers. In this post I’ll talk about another kind of disconnection – disconnection to yourself – to your body.

How often do you find yourself scattered, absent-minded or worried? Your mind feels busy – processing or ruminating over ‘too-many’ thoughts.

Some people call this being in your head or “heady”. And they’re right – life is happening in your head; you are interacting with the world through the filter of your thoughts. As a result, you are not present with what’s going on in your body or in the world around you. Instead of enjoying a beautiful sunset (it may feel like a warm energy filling up your heart/chest area or an energy surge throughout your body) – we take a selfie! The action is not the experience and we are not present to the experience in the moment.

Are you present to life? If you are not present – chances are you are feeling disconnected from yourself and the world.

People estranged from their bodies, senses and physical environment are likely to feel alienated and disoriented.A Facebook World

Becoming grounded

So how do we move from being distracted to the ‘here’. There are many ways to do this. I want to offer you a simple method – simply use your what you have – your body. You simply have to locate yourself in relation to the earth and you can learn to do that by undertaking a simple regular grounding practice.

Simply remember you have a body, muscles and limbs and where they’re located. It’s simple and easy to do.

A 30-second ABC Centering Practice


Pause what you are doing and become aware of your body. Notice your feet on the floor, your legs, your back and your arms. If you can’t feel your limbs, rub them with your hands.

B – BALANCE your posture

Balance your body. Are you balanced left to right, back to front? Is your body leaning to one side?

 C= Core relaxation

Now relax your core; relax your jaw, soften your belly and breathe. Sometimes it’s helpful to place one or both hands on your belly as you breathe. Keep breathing for a few breaths. You will probably notice the effects within 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Now ask yourself: How do you feel?

Remember…and Do your ABCs. You can do it anywhere, anytime; on the train, in the bus, preparing for a meeting before family dinner.

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I also teach TRE® – Tension Releasing Exercises where we focus on releasing stress and tension from the body. Possible side effects include; being more present, feel more relaxed, think better and be able to get things done faster and calmer.

Lene Bisgaard is Certified Coach & TRE® Practitioner specializing in helping adults deal with overwhelm and stress and other related concerns. She is passionate about helping women get back in the flow; refocus and re-find themselves so they can move forward embracing their uniqueness and find more peace.

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