Why family time can feel disconnected (

2 Ways to Reconnect When Family Time Feels Disconnected

If you dropped by my house it wouldn’t be unusual to see a few of us browsing our individual smartphones or laptops. My husband and I may be working or checking news (or husband checking sports results) and kids will do homework or staying connected with friends. The pressure to stay connected is intense

Victim or Victor part 2

Victor or Victim – part 2

In Victor or Victim part 1, I talked about the context (mood and emotions) of your contents (your story, your difficulty, your dilemma, whatever you are telling yourself, your life story). Context is how you are being with the contents of your life. The idea is that, at any moment in time, with the

Victim or Victor - It's your choice part 1

Victor or Victim: It’s Your Choice (Part 1)

One of the things I help clients with is self-awareness. Self-awareness is the foundation for growth, happiness and success. It’s the process of understanding yourself and the ability to tell yourself the truth. We are always operating in some sort of mood or emotional space. Our behavior has a kind of emotional tone to

camel ride

Day 14: Try Something New….

Try something new… I rode a camel today. New experiences do more than broaden your horizons. They improve your outlook on life. Whether it’s travel to a different part of the world, a dance class, or a new food, new experiences give you confidence to try new things. You now have 12 new techniques

Day 13: Sing and feel better

It’s Christmas Eve – a reason to sing. I love singing and I sing in a choir and always feel better after my choir sessions. Listen to Jennifer Nettles sing O Holy Night and surely it will move something in you. Also here is an article talking about the benefits of singing. I wish


Day 12: Breathe

We’re rarely mindful of breathing which is not bad as our body does it on its own. But when we’re stressed or feeling overwhelmed, we get in the way of the breathing apparatus. We breathe shallow from the shoulders up and we don’t inhale deeply. Next time you begin to feel yourself go into


Day 11: Write

Just write it does not matter what you write. Simply write your feelings down. You don’t have to worry if it makes sense. Just write down the things you feel and are thinking about in life. It’s like walking. It frees up the mental mind game you play with yourself and gives you clarity.


Day 10: Be in Service

Start helping others with no agenda. Start giving in life what you want to receive. You want more love? Then start giving more love. You want more support? Then start supporting others. Actively practicing bringing joy to other generates a feeling of wellbeing. The trick? Be gracious and generous. Expect nothing in return! –


Day 9: Laugh

Laughter helps us lighten up. Being rigid makes you appear old and inflexible and it does the same to your heart and mind. Robust belly laughter releases endorphins and reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Laughter benefits your mind. And if you can’t always find the laughter, a simple smile can do the trick to