Are you worrying about your health, finances, children? Feeling stressed, anxious and unfocused? 

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Learn a proven antidote to the negative cumulative effects of stress, tension and anxiety. TRE® Tension and Trauma Release Exercises is a proven self-administered process for dealing with stress, tension and uncertainty. Rooted in somatic psychology, neurobiology and human anatomy, you will learn the Tension Releasing Exercises, which comprise 6-8 minutes of moderate exercise designed to trigger your body’s natural release mechanism. When TRE® (small vibrations, quivering, shaking, swaying of the body) is activated in a safe environment, the body is encouraged to return to a state of balance. The exercises are simple and easy to learn. Most people find it soothing and leave sessions with a calm yet alert mind and body.

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In 6 sessions, you will learn to initiate, become familiar with, observe and manage your body’s own natural release mechanism. You will now have a wonderful tool for life to keep stress and tension under control.

You will learn to:

  • Understand stress and the stress response
  • Recognize early signs of stress and learn to diffuse if necessary
  • Learn and practice TRE®
  • Learn self-regulation and grounding
  • Increase your resilience and energy
  • Live a more productive, healthy and happy life.

 Class schedule: 

Wednesday, 2nd Sept., 7-9:30pm

Wednesday, 9th Sept., 7-8:30pm

Wednesday, 16th Sept., 7-8:30pm

Wednesday, 23rd Sept., 7-8:30pm

Wednesday, 7th Oct., 7-8:30pm

Wednesday, 14th Oct., 7-8:30pm

Lene creates a supportive environment, which makes people feel safe. She leads her classes with compassion and a sense of humor. She is a Certified Coach & TRE® Practitioner with focus on Stress management and Personal Development. Her goal is to help you to get to know your body better and practice TRE® on your own so that you can live a stress free life and reach your personal potential.

COST: TRE® course, HKD2500.

Reserve your space as class is limited to 8 people. Call or email to reserve your spot: or call 97233371.

Classes will be taught at Alive Wellness:

Room 602, Yu Yuet Lai Bldg, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central

TRE® is not suitable if you are pregnant or if you have had abdominal surgery within the last 3 months.