I help over-stressed women embrace their uniqueness and grow happiness.

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Meet Lene

Meet Lene

Hi I'm Lene Bisgaard and I am here to help you shine. Do you feel deep down it's time for change ... but don't know where to start? I am here to support you. My coaching sessions are focused around you, your life and your challenges that you are presently facing. Our sessions are open for any potential area you want to work on. By creating an honest and open line of communication, I believe together we can find ways to help you start living the life you have wanted.

Find out how we can work together

Find out how we can work together

Work with me and you will.....
Feel more connected to your inner voice and more confident in yourself. Learn techniques and tools to reduce stress and overwhelm. Feel more supported, valued, and appreciated. Learn how to become your own best friend and feel more aligned with who you truly are. Begin to waking up happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. Created by Dr. David Berceli, PhD, TRE® safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system. When this muscular shaking/ vibrating mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance.


Day 8: Think happy

Think happy. Write down 30 things that you are grateful for. Let’s see what happens if you have a 1-to 2-minute daily gratitude practice. According to research at the Institute of HeartMath true feelings of gratitude, appreciation and other positive emotions can synchronize brain and heart rhythms, creating a body-wide shift to a scientifically


Day 7: Visualize

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am back with tools to help you deal with stress, mood swings and negativity. Today, I am focusing on visualisation. Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you can imagine it. – George Lucas When your reality bites, spend more time visualizing what you


Day 4: Dance, Dance, Dance….

Dance, dance, dance (a happiness trick and your butt will thank you too) “BRAVE” You can be amazing You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug You can be the outcast Or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love Or you can start speaking up Nothing’s gonna hurt you the


Day 3: Celebrate

Focus on what is working. Take a moment to think about what’s working in your life. You have a roof over your head, you have a bed to sleep in, you have a job, a hobby, you have friends, family, you buy designer clothes, you take trips, you go to restaurants. Don’t be oriented


Day 2: Take a walk

I have mentioned that I enjoy taking a walk when my thinking feels stuck. It helps me clear my head. I always return with “better” thinking. Recent research from Stanford University strongly suggests that getting out into natural environments could be an easy and almost immediate way to improve moods for city dwellers. I


Day 1: Are you feeling down?

A friend of mine is going through a difficult time (you know who you are – this is for you and everybody out there who is suffering). For the next 2 weeks I’ll give you a new excercise each day that will help you to deal with stress, mood swings and negativity. You’ll have


Zen and stuff

Are you feeling happy with the state of your life (great – stop reading) or do you want to improve things? Perhaps the summer holiday opened up something for you. Be careful of not falling into a common trap. When we are unhappy, we tend to think the solution is to add something more

Relax! and improve your performance and well-being

More and more research shows that strategic relaxation; short afternoon breaks, meditation or deep relaxation can boost energy, productivity, happiness and joy. If we don’t recover sufficiently, it increases mistakes, lowers our creativity, reduces our capacity to take account of risk, reduces our social engagement, vitality and increases stress levels. I believe recovery is

Celebrate yourself

Give yourself a gift this holiday season; Celebrate Yourself As Rick Hanson PhD is writing, our brain is continually looking for bad news. We are hardwired to emphasize the negative rather than the positive. The brain is like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones. This skill has been critical to our

Create success habits for 2016

If your life is working and you are happy with your results, great – continue doing what you are doing. If not – take a look at your habits: which of your habits are supporting and helpful and which are unhealthy and unhelpful? Habits are created by practice and repetition. Everything is habit forming,