Traffic jams, financial worries, relationship challenges, unrealistic deadlines, and endless to-do lists. Add to the mix, relentless rushing…rushing…rushing…

Sound familiar? If so, then welcome to contemporary life, and yes—you’ve probably got stress.

Challenges and pressures are not harmful in themselves. In fact, they play a key role in personal growth and job satisfaction. However, once the individual no longer feels that they can cope, the effects of stress begin to kick in.

Stress is one of the biggest challenges facing both individuals and organisations today. If left unmanaged, stress can have dramatic consequences on health, relationships and productivity.

Stress Management Coaching can help clients identify sources of stress and develop strategies to eliminate (where possible), or to manage them.  This allows individuals to lead healthier and happier lives.

My approach is integrative. I believe each individual has their own unique vision of success. It is my objective to enable them to develop the knowledge and skills required to manage their stress and maximise their performance.