My clients are already successful. I help identify strengths and uncover how to use these strengths to build a better future. 


When I first met Lene for a coaching session, I was expecting her to give me answers to my questions which were worrying me…

But not at all…

Lene quickly explained to me that those expected answers were within me and I will have to find them!

Indeed, after just a few sessions, I started to clearly see where I wanted to go, and found the way to solve the problems.

I have been working with Lene for over 6 months. Each session, our conversation was constructive and passionate – time went fast!

Lene has a soft and friendly way to tackle the subjects which really helped me to recover confidence and power to go ahead…

Vincent Nicolas (Managing Director, Sotradex Ltd.)


Having been Coached by Lene I realized I focused on things I should have done, could have done -, would have done. My life was dull.

Talking to LENE has helped me to understand that action was needed. In fact everything was up to me, nobody else. I was the only one holding myself back.

After the reality check, no more excuses! I do it or drop it. I can’t say I do much more but now I do things I want to do. I know I am in charge and that is a great feeling. This very realization has improved